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Richard Olsen is an environmental-architecture writer and photographer based in Los Angeles. Currently he is completing two books commissioned by Rizzoli International Publications, "CALIFORNIA GREEN: HOUSES OF THE ECO MOVEMENT" and "BRAXTON DIXON." A veteran book and magazine editor, Olsen was senior architecture editor at Architectural Digest; senior architecture and design editor for Abrams; director for Doubleday's Architects & Designers Book Service and Antiques Roadshow Bookclub; editor for Rizzoli; and editorial manager for Arts & Photography and Travel at Amazon.com. Special work includes concept development and editorial direction in support of other writers and photographers of books, in which capacity Olsen has more than 50 titles to his credit, including the recent CULTURE, ARCHITECTURE & NATURE: AN ECOLOGICAL DESIGN RETROSPECTIVE by Sim Van der Ryn and A GOLDEN AGE by John Witzig.




“All blogs must pass,” said George Harrison.  And so it shall be. This blog is officially closed.

In the coming months, I’ll be launching new sites specific to my photography and to my forthcoming books.

In the meantime, my graying primitive personal website (sadly last updated in mid 2012) remains online, and there’s some info on Handmade Houses there. For more on the subject of handmade, please consider buying my book at amazon.com (for a direct link, click the cover above) or, better yet, from your local bricks-and-mortar bookseller.

Thanks for visiting.—Richard